June 3, 2005 (Day 9)

Bill is in trouble today, when we left for the baby house he didn’t close the gate. (Though he didn’t know he was supposed to close the gate.) The goats “lunch & supper” got into the garden and ate the strawberry plants.
As soon as we arrived at the babyhouse, we saw Aidana’s group out in the yard. We walked up the fence and we caught her eye. She turned and started to walk towards us. Daniel (one of Bill’s favorites and “double shakes” nick named that by us because he offers a double handshake when we see him) put his arm on her back to sort of escort her to momma & poppa. She turned and pushed him back. She doesn’t take to kids leading her around at all (watch out Anthony). I think she was getting a little excited about the other kids getting to us first so she started to run. She tripped and fell face first into the sand, we started to hear what sounded to be a cry, and Bill hopped the fence picked her up and got to comfort her first boo-boo! She doesn’t seem to be big on crying but that should change when she realizes there are people in her family that care about her feelings.
We think this may be Aidana's "inner circle" or "clicque"
There is a beautiful little Russian girl that when she sees us sort of pounds her fist and says something like “doola” or something like that. We thought this was so cute until I asked Habiba what she was saying and she said “ooohh, it is a bad word” I still don’t know what she says but it is funny to us when we see her.
Just soaking up the sun
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