May 28, 2005 (Kazakh time)

We woke this morning to a little rain other then that, the weather has been beautiful. Thank goodness I took the first shower this morning because in the middle of Bill’s something happened in town and we ran out of water. He had to rinse off with our bottled water.

We were taken to the baby house to have our morning visit we had to wait a while for her (probably while they spruced her up a bit). She finally arrived in her usual state of slow motion that is how she seems to handle being a little scared. When she came in she came slowly toward me real close but no hug yet. I said to her give poppa a hug she went slowly to him and did the same. We did some playing and drawing she did pretty good they must draw with them.
After that we had such a treat, Habiba coaxed her caregiver to let her whole group join us it was awesome. I don’t mean this in a disrespectful way but it was as if you were a child in a room with 15 puppies just looking for hugs and kisses and they were so loveable you don’t know how much Bill and I were in our glory. The best was watching Aidana being very natural and talking. She told Habiba (still not speaking to us yet) that she has new shoes because she has a momma and poppa. They must keep newer clothes for when parents visit.

Anthony, I took a picture of your favorite big Russian girl, you know “Musha Mosha Me” It was so nice to see the children from the video we watched from home in person. The little boy Kasar was there I started to cry because until they told us we could only have one we had every intention of bringing him home too. Anyways most important is Aidana’s coming home soon. Mom and Tina don’t get too excited not all that soon. Oh well, its naptime (we have it so hard out here.)
Daddy’s side note: we are missing all of our children very much especially Anthony, as he is the smallest. We are counting the days…Good night…love you…see you soon… Mr. Bubby. Dan, Dianna, Cris, Nick and Rachael... You are all in our thoughts.
This afternoon, Habiba dropped us off and left us to give our adoption petition to the court. She is working very hard to get us back home as soon as possible. She is trying to use a woman judge who she thinks is very easy going (not that she would waive our mandatory 15 appeal days after the hearing, she is just is easier to work with).

We were waiting for Aidana in the music room and after 10 minutes we went to see where she was. The kids were in the adjoining room and as we entered the doorway, they all run to us and started handing us their blocks. Earlier, when they left from the morning visit I reached out to shake a boys hand and all of a sudden I had 15 hands in front of me and I shook them all. As we left later, Kasor stretched out his hand to Marie and she shook it. He remembered our earlier encounter.

We sat and played with Aidana, it was really nice. We gave her a Barbie doll that had a shawl on it. She took it off and made a babushka (scarf) on the doll’s head. She seems quite intelligent, we played with a puzzle that had several pieces and she had no problem putting it together. As she left for the evening, Marie asked for a kiss goodbye, she went to her as if the kiss her cheek but no luck close though. We get to spend about 1.5 hours with her twice a day. The time flies by.

Paka Paka for now…
Time to Go......... See ya soon.
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