May 26, 2005..(Kazakh) May 25, USA
Our first encounter with baby Aidana...

We arrived in Arkalyk, Kaz about 8 a.m. This town was nothing like Astana or even Almaty. This was a very small town, and sort of a "throw-back" to the 40's or 50's. We were taken to the home where we were going to stay. It was hot, we were tired and anxious. I guess it was just culture shock, we were used to homes and cars with air conditioning, and the modern conveniences we take for granted in the states. But the day has arrived, and all we thought about is when can we see her. We were taken to the orphanage to meet Aidanna. As we walked up, the children were playing in the yard outside. We walked up and didn't expect her to be there and wow, I spotted her in an instant. She was off in the distance and seemed a bit uninterested but soon came to the gate to see what the excitement was all about. All of the kids just looked at us, wondering what was going on. I think they have seen this before and they were all quite curious. All this time we waited, filing out forms, doing home studies, waiting to hear any news about approvals and traveling was here. This is what it was all about. ...
As we walked into the room, a room we had seen in a video about a hundred times, it became very emotional, we could hardly believe we were looking at and inside the actual room we waited many months to see (I think Marie cried too!) They told us we would see a few children (as "pre"referrals" are not legal) In came three little girls, all in party dresses. We knew there was never any choice for us. Holding back tears, we tried not to scare her, we called her name and she timidly came to Marie. We could tell she was very shy but curious about us, as we her. We were told later the other two girls were crying "poppa didn't pick us" it was very sad. I told the cooridinator, "okay we will take three!" We found out early on, more than one at a time is impossible in this region.
Due to the slow connections available, (dial-up 14.4k to 24.0k) we are afraid that any more items will not upload properly so we must say goodbye (paka paka) until tomorrow...

Bill & Marie

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